Swim team

Crimson Aquatics Swim Team

Our Swim Team program is designed for children who have completed our Advanced program and are interested in further developing their swimming skills or would like to pursue competitive swimming.

Pre-Swim Team classes focus stroke development, where students put all of their foundational skills together to perform strokes efficiently and using the correct technique. Long axis drills will lead quickly to the ability to swim proper freestyle and backstroke. The short axis strokes (butterfly and breaststroke) are introduced in Pre-Swim 1 and Pre-Swim 2, and then later developed in Pre-Swim 3. Students will learn and become proficient at flip turns. Everything except diving will be covered and developed if all levels of Pre-Swim is completed.

Swimm with Timm is proud to be a part of the Crimson Aquatics family! Click here to learn more about their competitive swimming program.