Swimming lessons


Water Introduction

Water Introduction is for our youngest and least comfortable swimmers. Children gradually get to know the instructor and get used to the pool environment in a very small group or with their parents assisting them. The skills that we use throughout the program come from the work we do in Water Introduction, so children will not miss anything by starting at this level. We also offer a class specifically for children who have a fear of water.



Most Beginner children will likely have taken one of our Water Introduction classes previously, or had experience in another swim program, but many children new to our program can begin in this level. Breath control, back floating, safe entry and exit, kick development, and swimming without floatation will be the main focus of Beginner classes. Independence in these areas is the ultimate goal. Students graduate to Intermediate when they are able to float independently for 10 seconds, swim with their face in and toes up for a short distance, and enter and exit the water safely without assistance.



Intermediate is the foundational level for our program. Students will continue to develop breath control, kick technique, and power. Students will swim the width of the pool on the front and back, kicking while maintaining body position. Rotation from the core and focusing on safety breathing are milestones at this level. Rotary breathing position is introduced as a key skill for Advanced lessons. 

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Advanced classes are for students who are skilled in the fundamentals of body position, breath control, and kicking technique. They have an understanding of how to generate rotation from their core and are ready to work on more challenging drills to become proficient at the skills needed to properly swim freestyle and backstroke (long axis strokes). Students progress from controlling breathing to regulating breathing in the water. The basics of flip turns are introduced, and students will learn how to correctly summersault in the pool in order to do one.  


Pre-Swim Team

Our Pre-Swim Team program is designed for children who have completed our Advanced program and are interested in further developing their swimming skills or would like to pursue competitive swimming. Pre-Swim Team classes focus stroke development, where students put all of their foundational skills together to perform strokes efficiently and using the correct technique.